Thursday, August 27, 2009

Connor's first Day of Kindergarten

Connor was so excited to start school. I must have been really excited too. On Tue. I woke up and told Hannah that Connor would be going to school tomorrow and then a realized that he still had one hole day before he would get to go. He didn't get to start until Thursday. It has been a long week, waiting for Thur to come Connor was more than happy to get his book bag and head out for the bus.

I was really happy that he would have his big sister Hannah to help him out.

Lucky for me she was more than happy to take him by the hand and make sure he was OK.

We LOVE our bus driver!
It is so nice to be able to send the kids outside and then wait for them to show up on my door step a few hours latter ready to be fed!

I was excited to watch my kids get off the bus at school. Hannah took Connor by the hand and showed him where he needed to go.
Once Connor got into the kindergarten play area he was happy to meet up with his friend Caden. Last year Caden's Mom Kat babysat for me while I volunteered in Hannah's class, and Connor and Caden became really great friends. It is so nice for Connor to have a really good friend in his class.

Connor got in line with the other kids ready to start class.
What a good looking kid!
All Grown up!

and ready to Learn.

Bonnie got to spend the rest of the day with Mom.

Until Connor got home

Connor had such a good day at school.

It sure is fun to watch my kids have new experiences.
One day Gone by!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back to school

Back to school again.
Hannah is going into second grade, and would have been more than happy to have started back to school a couple of weeks ago. Hannah LOVES school!Hannah was a really good sport and let me take lots of pictures of her. They don't stay little for very long.

I sure am going to miss my big helper around the house, but it is nice that I don't have to fight her to go to school.On the Bus and off to learn!Hannah's second grade teacher is... Mrs. Bigler As long as the kids are doing what she asks she is nice Mrs. Bigler is they stop listening then she has to turn into mean Mrs. Bigler.

It is interesting how that works if you are the teacher, but for some reason when you are the parent and you become mean the child has NO IDEA why.In second grade Hannah got to pick where she sat. Hannah had NO idea where she wanted to put her name tag. She picked a desk next to one with the name tag Abby. The teacher said that she looked really nice when she met her. Hannah asked if maybe it was the same Abby we had in gymnastics and I simply told her that she would just have to go to school and find out. Hannah was delighted to tell me that is was the Abby from gymnastics. It is wonderful that Abby is in Hannah's class. She has all ready had her over to play. They worked on Hannah's homework a bit, and played dress up. It is so nice for Hannah to have such a fun friend!
The END!
Until tomorrow, another day of school!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Camping at Yuba Lake

For years Hannah has talked about going to the beach. We don't really have any "beaches" near us, but we figured a lake would be good enough for now. The kids absolutely loved it! We spent two nights at the lake.

We Love playing in the Water!!!

Camping and Playing is SO much FUN!

Some of our favorite things about CAMPING!

Hannah and Connor had so much fun climbing in the tree.

Hannah had a great time climbing up the pole. What a tough girl!

Good FOOD!!!

Hannah and Connor cooked their own dinner.

Sometime you have to improvise. We forgot our can opener. Good thing Paul bought his handy camping tool!



The kids loved finding sea shells.

We had so much fun working together to build a sand castle.

Our Highlight of our trip was fishing!

Hannah's fish!

Connor's Fish!

Fish out of WATER!

Paul's Fish!

Bonnie's BIG huge Fish!

Amannda's Fish

We caught a total of twenty-five fish between all of us.

Our first camping trip with just our family, and I think we would all agree that it was a lot of fun JUST BEING TOGETHER!!!