Saturday, February 13, 2010

My valentine kids.

I really enjoy having valentines during the week, but this year having it on Sunday has made it so that valentine's day last all weekend long and I absolutely love it. I don't know if it the simple fact that all most all the snow is melted from my yard or maybe that the sun is out, but I love February and the chance it gives me to really think about the people that I love.
Hannah and I had a fun time together making her valentine box. I have been making an extra effort to allow Hannah to do her projects. I covered the box and did very little decorating. It is hard for some of us Moms to just let them go. It was fun to have something fun to do together. Hannah's Kissy lips.

I was lucky to have the chance to go into Connor's class and help with his valentine party. It is fun to see how excited he gets when I go to his class. Connor is a good listener and has worked so hard this year. He is becoming such a good reader. It is so much fun to hear that your kids are doing well in school.

Connor was very excited to go through all of his fun valentine notes and treats.

I was so excited to have my very own valentine greet me at the door. I love having my kids ride the bus home. It is so much fun when they return home to me.

It would not be a holiday without Mom torturing the kids with some group pictures. They were a bit of stinkers, but we got a couple of cute ones. I know that they are only going to be getting bigger and I love to have pictures of my kids together. It is so much fun to reflect and remember my kids as they grow.
Even when they are silly!


Thursday, February 11, 2010


I was really sad when I got out my valentine decorations to realize that I only had two things to put out. It motivated me to make a few other things to put my family in that fun loving mood that February brings. The best part was that the projects were made with stuff that I had just sitting around the house.

My sister's friend makes lots of fun decorations with a block of painted wood and some embellishments. This was something I came up with using some of her techniques.
Another fun block of painted wood with embellishments. I kind of hate that you can not see it all at once, but I was really happy with how cute it turned out.

This project I cheated a bit with. I put together the sign in the middle last year. It has been sitting around my craft room waiting for me to decide h0w I wanted to go about displaying it. Well, rod works had these cute wreaths for 40% off, and I felt like it would make my wreath a bit more fun and personal.

I enjoy February and the chance it gives us to show love through simple notes and chocolate!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bonnie's Ladybug Pary

Bonnie had some of her preschool friends over to celebrate her 4th birthday. I found a fun little idea of having a Ladybug party, and spent the week making things for the party.One of my last minute ideas was to make a pinata. A special thank to my neighbors. I think I talked to four different people trying to find some newspaper. It was fun to get out and chat a bit. Making the pinata was an adventure, but I was NOT going to give up and I was SO happy with the results.Another fun game we decided to make was pin the eye on the ladybug. The ladybug looked much like an alien after everyone had a turn, but it was fun.

We did a ladybug relay. This is me showing the kids what to do. They had to put the body on, add the antennas, put black gloves and black socks on and the crawl to the other end of the room. They got to eat two pieces of candy and crawl back.

Look at all these cute little bugs!

I made a Ladybug cake

And I can not tell you how excited I was to come across this littlest pet shop Ladybug!

OK it was a little sad to see hours of work beat up. It did make me happy that Paul had to beat it pretty hard to get the pinata to break. I guess it was better made than I thought.

The kids had a great time, and most of us survived. As for the pinata, it did it's job. It was a wonderful decoration and it held candy very well.

I appreciate my husband and his help to keep things moving and cleaning things up as we moved from activity to activity. Good thing we had three kids we are finally getting pretty good at these birthday parties. A little direction from family and a crazy week putting together projects, but I am very lucky to be home to be able to do these fun things for me kids.
Happy Birthday Bonnie!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Bonnie!

It is hard to believe that my LITTLE ONE is FOUR! So four things that I absolutely love about Bonnie.
1. She is Beautiful... she has a smile that I tell her "melts my heart".
2. She has a great personality. She can be so fun and loving, but she can also be a ball of fire.
3. I love to listen to her play be herself. She has a wonderful imagination. She loves small toys that she can line up on the stairs and make believe. She enjoys playing with other people too, but she is one of those kids that really is good with doing her thing.
4. I love that Bonnie has her things that she loves. She loves to dress up, she likes lipstick and jewelry, and she has gone very few days of her life without a bow in her hair. She loves to wear leotards,bathing suits and sparkly dresses. Bonnie loves swimming and snowing (this is what she calls playing in the snow.)

I am such a lucky Mom to have Bonnie as My Girl!