Wednesday, December 17, 2008

2008 is Going to be Great!

At the startof this year I told Paul my theme for this year, "2008 is going to be great!" I thought it might be fun for me to look through the calender and really take note of just how Great this year was.

January: I got to go back to Idaho to visit my Wonderful friends! I went to a get together for Kami Kerby before she moved away! Survived Paul being out of town for four days.

February: I had one of the very best valentines. Paul was out of town, but he his special notes for me to find all around the house. I got to go to a fun dance with my Husband put on by the elder quarm. Celebrated Leap day with My family. (We eat all kinds of things that Hop for dinner ex. frog legs (chicken), frog eye salad, grasshopper cookies, you get the idea.)

March: Had the Relief Society Retreat. I all ready new that we had really fun ladies in our ward. It's fun to see how crazy a bunch of LDS women can get with a little candy and a lack of sleep. My family started the "Total Money Make Over".

April: Attended Adhis Baby shower. Auditioned for the Oklahoma Play

May: Started going to the yoga class taught by Sarah. Attended a Prom at my sister's ward.


July: I got to be in the Lehi roundup parade. Went camping. Started rehearsals for the Oklahoma play. Paul was gone for a total of five day.

August: I got to perform at the Barn at Thanksgiving point. I made it on tv. Ok it was just the morning news, but I was still on it!

September: Hannah started 1st Grade. I got to teach a dance class. Paul was only gone for one night.

October: I was so excited to decorate for fall. I loved my time with my family. We went to Halloween parties, and just had lots of fun together

November: I had my birthday. I got to be involved with giving the thanksgiving meals to members in my ward.

December: I have had so many fun projects to make for Christmas presents. It's funny when Paul calls me from work and asks are you working on a project. He says that I sound happier, and even though my house gets messy and things get a little crazy I am happier. I love to create, and I enjoy doing thing for others.

As I look back on the year I realize a few things. Paul was gone a lot this year. This isn't all bad. I can tell you one thing I am NOT a H0ney do list kind of girl. If there is something I really want done I will figure out how to do it. Paul is busy and I home so I better learn how. I didn't right it on the calender, but during one of Paul's business trips I decided to participate in the pine ward dubry. I asked if the car comes with directions and was told yes. However the directions go something like this. Carve the car into the desired shape, and then weigh it. That was it. I called my Mom and talked to my brother. Looked on line how much coins weigh and when all was said and done my car came in fifth place. When I called Paul and told him what I was up to he was really proud of me.

I am happy to look back at the year and see the growth that I have had this year. I have learned a lot, and this is mostly because of the people in my life. So a special thanks to all of you. We don't know how we might impact someone else' life. 2008 it really was GREAT!

2009 it will be just FINE, BRING IT ON!

Monday, December 8, 2008


Christmas Christmas Christmas !
I love this time of year. Hannah and myself have had the wonderful opportunity to be involved in another play "The best Christmas pageant ever" it runs this week Mon.- Sat if you are interested in a fun Christmas activity to remind you what Christmas is all about this is a great one. You can get tickets at It has been a lot of fun to see Hannah start to understand that Christmas is not just about getting presents, and I credit some of her understanding from being involved in this play.

I also had a great opportunity to take my little ones to a wonderful church activity.
These are my cute little children on there way to Bethlehem. My family invited us to their ward Christmas program, and we had a really good time. We dressed as shepherds, angle, and a wise women. The kids enjoyed watching the story of Jesus' birth. I love the wonderful spirit of Christmas!