Thursday, March 26, 2009

Connor IS 5!!!

Taking a look back in time.

I was very nervous to have a little boy to take care of, but I am SO grateful that my life was blessed with such a sweet little boy!
Connor was such an easy going baby. He wasn't a child that was full of smiles and giggles, but he was most often content.Connor's First BirthdayConnor 2 years oldHow I have enjoyed having a little guy to dress up so HANDSOME!Connor 3 years old

My Super STUD!

Connor 4 years old

Looking GOOD!
Connor Turned 5Connor picked the new Del Taco down the street from us to go to dinner. He was so excited when we passed and they had an play area for the kids. The kids all had a great time playing on the equipment. I didn't remember that I did cars on Connor's 4th birthday cake, but I found this really cute cake and was excited to give it a try.Hannah helped decorating Connor's gifts.Connor got his very first Lego set. And now that he is five he will be in need of a book bag!
Off to school!Connor had his special birthday sleepover with Grandma Lois. He got to eat pizza, and Grandma took Connor to the store and let him pick out a special birthday gift. He choose a basketball. Grandma and Connor spent time together dribbling and passing the ball to one another. Grandma Libby came showed up with Grandma Lois with a very special birthday surprise. Connor didn't want anyone to leave without singing Happy Birthday to him. He made sure that he had "fire" to blowout! On Connor's third birthday we held a party at the Church, and candles are not allowed to be lit. He has not had a cake since that has been without fire!
Five is a very exciting age to turn. It has many adventures in store for this new year. Starting school and meeting new friends. A lot of growing up takes place during the age of five, and I look forward to the many new experiences I will have being the Mom of my Connor Boy!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Spring has finally come, or has it? The first day of spring was beautiful! The second day felt almost like summer. Everyone in my family dug out their shorts so that they wouldn't be too hot while playing outside.

Then a new week started and the snow came back. It is a question each morning how to dress.

Well, leave it up to a three year old she came into the kitchen all ready to go out and play.

Bathing suit, scarf, and snow boots... Ready for any kind of weather that comes her way.

Green Dinner, For St. Patrick's Day!

Bonnie helped make sugar cookies frosted in green frosting to bring to Dinner at Grandam Pam's house.Bonnie loved the cookie dough almost more than the cookies!
Bonnie loved her shirt the said, "Daddy's Lil leprechaun" For days after St. Patrick's Day she let Dad know that she is his Little Leprechaun!Green Dinner wouldn't even exist without Grandma Pam. Grandma started working as an Aid at in th 7th grade. She fit right in with her green and crazy hair during spirit week. How different things are going to Jr high at 50 rather than 15.All the kids had a great time dressing up in their green. No body wants to get pinched!
Lots of green food to eat. It's fun to have a reason to get together.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day!

I LOVE March 17! (ST. Patrick's Day!) This special little holiday is one of my very favorite. It is a day to remind me how lucky I am. March 17, 200o I had a wonderful opportunity to be crowned as Miss West Valley. This was a life changing experience for me. I had the chance to discover who I am and what things are most important to me. The year 2000 was full of change and growth. I learned that I do NOT like taking care of short hair. So much has changed since those "Beauty days" but one thing has not. I continue to remember how lucky I am. March 17, 2009. I didn't wake up ready for an interview and walk a cross stage in my bathing suit. I got up excited to dress my kids in green and put in the fun hair bows that I made for my girls. I look forward to taking them to green dinner at my Mom's house, and enjoying baking sugar cookies to share.
I am Soooo LUCKY to have my girlsI am Soooo LUCKY to have my BOY
Irish Kisses!

My life wouldn't be complete without the man I chose to love! No I don't' have any pictures of him. He did put green on this morning, so NO pinches for him today. He was the greatest thing that came around back in 2000. No he was not at the pageant to watch me become Miss West Valley, but I got to blow kisses to him at the parade, and he was a great help and support as I prepared for the Miss Utah Pageant. March 17, 2000 changed my life forever.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring brings Bugs

It is really nice to finally be enjoying warmth outside. Yesterday was a beautiful day. Our kids enjoyed a picnic outside in the back yard and then spent sometime out swing on the swings. Hannah came running in at one point saying that we really needed to come out and see something cool. She had been swinging when all of a sudden a bee came flying by. She said she got a little nervous "Oh, a bee!" Until she saw the spider, and her response was "Oh, GOOD a spider." She watched as the spider grabbed hold of the bees head. She had us all come out and see how this spider saved her from the bee. She was very kind to warn me, "Mom, it's really cool, but a little bit gross." She was right. It was kind of cool to see a spider walking around with a bee sticking out of it's mouth, but it was really pretty gross.

It is very exciting to have the wonderful weather, but I have to say that I really am not excited to deal with the bugs again. My kids love them. I blame that on Paul and his Mom who really encourages the bug stuff. I should say that when I was a kid I did have a spider that my Mom let me keep in a jar. I probably didn't have it for very long, but it had a egg sack and it was really kind of cool to ran the jar outside to let all those little spiders fly away. Besides that experience with a bug most experiences are not good. For the most part bugs are ugly and annoying. But, I must say inspite of the bugs I do love spring.


With every calling comes challenges and things that you really enjoy. Being in the nursery is no different. I have the best Nursery Leader with me Paul. It is lots of fun to get to work together. This little experience is difficult to explain, but I needed to get it jotted down.

During our third rotation of nursery we have play time. There is a variety of toys that the kids can just play. Paul and I typically really enjoy this time. The kids play and we can sit and talk while refereeing. Well, they had a cute animal book that we have not seen in the room before. As soon as I began looking at it with one of the kids I had at three others eager to sit and talk about animal sounds with me. Some of the animals we really have no idea what sound they make. For example what does a guinea pig say? I don't know. We came to a page with a horse on it. I asked the kids, "What does a horse say?" Well, instead of saying nay I blowed air in my cheeks to make the sound the a horse makes when they sigh. At fist they looked at me like I was a little crazy, and then all of a sudden Lincoln Kruger gave it a try and I was quickly covered in spit. All Paul could do was laugh. I joined in and then we turned the page to find an animal that we could make a sound with out getting me all wet.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Little MONSTER!

At times the MONSTER inside some how makes it way out. But at other moments the sweet little girl inside is all you can see!
The GOOD days and BAD days come and go, but one thing stays consistent LIFE IS GOOD!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Good Times!

Look at that GOOD looking princess!Like Mother like daughter

Oh, how the years go by. Hannah attended this fun little princess party a few years ago. I was working on the computer and the the thought crossed my mind that I haven't done anything with these pictures yet, so I thought I better just do a shout out to my fabulous friends back in KUNA Idaho. I know you guys are still having lots of fun, but I just wanted to let you know how much I really do miss all of you, and your beautiful princesses!