Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring Break 2009

We spent the week of spring break on a little trip. We spent a couple days in S. George, and a couple day in Las Vegas visiting family.Paul thought the kids would really enjoy going and seeing the dinosaur track at the Johnson Farm. I am sure for many people that are really into dinosaurs this is a really exciting place to see, but for a family that lives a couple minutes away from Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur museum. We felt like we waisted $18.00!

We almost passed up watching the movie because I didn't think the kids would sit through it, but the movie ended up being their favorite part.
The kids did all really enjoy coloring

This is the worlds largest dinosaur track!

The kids were super excited to get to the hotel. It is always a little tricky with who gets to push the buttons in the elevator, but they did a good job taking turns.

As soon as we got settled it was off to the pool. We were lucky to get to enjoy the one nice day out in the sun swimming.

Hannah has turned into our little fish!

The next morning we found a hiking trail. Both Connor and Hannah suffered from skinned knees, but after a little comfort they were ready to get back to hiking

It was fun to see the temple from so far up!

Bonnie had so much fun being a big girl and hiking all over with Mom.

Tough kids!

We made it. Know back to the car.

Dad was a Great driver!

The kids did a wonderful job being good. Connor was a child to most frequently ask "are we there yet!" It was nice to have a movie to give some amount of time frame. "When Spider wick is almost over we will be there."

I really enjoyed having time to sit and talk with Paul.

In Las Vegas we went to some really fun parks. This is the Butterfly park. It was a bit windy, and by the end we were running from the ran, but the kids had a great time.

I spent most of the evening in a tunnel talking with my Allison and trying to stay warm. I did venture out and try the slides. They made a great park for both kids and parents!

The next day we went to the dinosaur park. Bonnie had so much fun playing with her cousin Maxx.

We took some bread to feed the ducks, but I think we had more birds to feed then ducks.

Hannah and Matthew had fun feeding the birds.

Hannah, Maddie, Connor, Matthew, Bonnie, and Maxx. It was fun to get the goose and flying bird in the picture too.

Connor loved the big dinosaurs.

They had a great water area too. The water did come on, but the kids were reminded that they had better NOT get wet. I guess on warm days it is great, but the chilly windy days not so much!

Once Paul's brother David got home we headed off for a hike together.

This is the really cool polka doted rock!

Paul and I had lots of fun finally having some time as a family.

It was so nice to spend time with David, Allison, and their kids. It is hard to have family that live far away, but it sure it nice to go visit.
We went to one last park before leaving the kids enjoyed having so many cool things to play on.

The kids had a fabulous time playing with their cousins, and I am sure I probably could have stayed and talked for a couple more days. It sure is nice to have a chance to take a little trip with the family

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend, SOOO much Fun!!!

Easter weekend was a blast! We started the weekend off in West Valley attending the 8:30 am egg hunt. The kids had lots of fun getting with their aunts, uncles and cousins. Connor was excited to be in the same age group with his little uncle Philip.
This was the first year all three kids were in different age groups. Paul went with Bonnie, Hannah got to go with Grandpa Steve, and Connor went with Mom.

Boonie did such a good job getting candy. She was so excited about all the strawberry candies that she got!

Hannah did great too. Grandpa said that she seamed a little scared to get lost, so she didn't go very far out into the field. We latter realized that it may have been because she didn't wear her glasses. Uncle Alex mentioned that each time she came a cross a piece of candy she looked surprised to find it.

After the egg hunt we headed back to Grandma Pam's house to color Easter eggs. Even while doing such a fun activity Bonnie can pull of her grumpy face! Bonnie had a good time, but she really wanted to put her egg in pink NOT red!
Bonnie only dropped and cracked one egg this year.
Connor loved coloring the eggs!

Hannah has become an old pro when it comes to egg decorating. Everyone had lots of fun hanging out and decorating eggs.

While the kids were buys decorating eggs some of the adults headed out for an egg hunt for our selves. When it comes to contests of any kind all of us can be very competitive. We had a good time at Hollywood Connection participating in the egg hunt. They had it in the laser tag game area, so it was different and fun. They had some really fun prices available.

I ended up with the egg containing the ticket for Brittney Spears. I thought about taking my sister with me, and then realized the concert would be taking place while I was away in Las Vegas. I decided to post them on KSL, and got $50.00 out of them. My sister said that the price may have been a little low, but to me it was like I made $50.00 from an egg hunt.

Once we got back home Hannah was really nice to sit down and split her candy up between all of her family.

Connor had a really good time going through his candy too.

As for Easter, The bunny came to our house! The kids got some fun things in their basket. They loved the little bunnies that pooped jelly beans!

They were not as excited to go and take pictures, but it is Easter for Mom too. I was a little sad not to have sewn the girls dresses this year, but I just didn't give myself enough time. However, I made sure to make the girls hair bows and a little bracelet for each of them. As for Connor I tried to talk him into getting a nice pink shirt or tie to match the girls, but he thought I was crazy to ask a boy to wear PINK. I explained to him that the shirt is in the boys section, so some boys must wear pink. He was not willing. I gave him a couple of different options, and in the end the blue looks really nice with the pink. I love having this cute little boy to sand which in the middle of my two beautiful girls!
My Gorgeous Girl!

My handsome boy!

My Sweet Little One

Me and My BOY
After taking some pictures we hurried off to Grandma Lois' house.
We were excited to get to see both of Paul's Grandmas, Grandma Libby and Grandma AshbyThe girls with Grandma Ashby
It was also lots of fun to see Uncle Walter again!

We had a wonderful Easter. It was fun to see Hannah growing and maturing so much this year. She continually reminded us what Easter is really all about. We have been very blessed, and are grateful for holidays to provide a special day to spend with family and remember what is important in our lives.