Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Camera Practice

Four kids, Two hours, and Six Stores

What a day. I needed to get some errands done today. My oldest daughter Hannah had her friend over and asked if she could come along. I told her that I didn't know how much fun it will be, but she can come if she wants to. They each had a few dollars of their own and were itching to buy something with their own money. We only had two hours to get the girls back for activity days. I was not sure that we would get everything done. The trickiest part is getting the kids in and out of the car. However, the kids surprised me. It is wonderful to be able to come to a stop and simply say,"OK, everybody out!" And out they hopped! Are little trip went as follow. Dollar Tree, Target, Big Five, Sally Beauty, Walmart, and Costco. I love having so many stores right at my finger tips. Lucky for us we didn't have a long list of items to get at any of the stores. I think the best part was because we were so short on time we really had to stick to the list. We didn't have time to just walk around and find little things to spend our money on. The kids got the chance to purchase a couple of things that they wanted. As we were leaving Walmart Hannah was skipping to the car and said "This was the best day ever". I guess even kids can enjoy a day out shopping with Mom.