Friday, July 25, 2008

Ashby Family Camping Trip 2008

It wouldn't be summer with out a litter bit of camping. The Great Outdoors and smores who can ask for anything MORE!

We had a lot of fun on the traditional Ashby family dam hike. Mike, Paul's oldest brother helped make the hike exspecially memorable. We did some cache finding. Basically we got to be treasure hunters. This activity was enjoyed by both the kids and the grownups.

We sure had fun just being with each other!

The freezing cold water. It's a silly tradition with Paul's family to dunk yourself under this cold cold water. Yes, I too did this when we were first married, and then I learned that I don't have to freeze my brains to be cool. So I take every ones picture. The Ashby's are a bunch of tough guys!

We had a great time fishing together. Grandpa Ed wanted to take the kids out fishing, so Paul and I thought that it was a good reason to finally get our own fishing license again. All together we caught a total of four fish. Some of the cousins Zack and Isabel each caught one and Hannah and I also each caught a fish. Bonnie had fun catching her purple fish. A little plastic weight on the end of her pole. Connor had a good time looking at the fish and having Dad help him cast his pole out.

My fishing Buddies Call me GRANDPA!

We were excited to have Adam's girlfriend Jenny come up camping with all of us crazy Ashby's. The BEST Camper! We're grateful for Grandpa's and Grandma's that keep up on family traditions.
Wednsday July 9 was the last day our family was up at the campsite and it just so hapened to be Hannah's sixth birthday! She was four years old when she got her barbie fishing pole and at six she caught her first fish all by herself!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

4th of July

We had lots of fun with family at the Murray Parade!

We were happy to find a spot with lots of space!

Grandma did a great job raising a couple of TOUGH GUYS!

After the parade we got to cool off on the big water slide at Grandma Lois' and Grandpa Ed's house.

Bonnie loved getting Dad wet!

One LONG day!
After fun in the water we headed to the park to take pictures with Mom's family.

Brennda and Taylor brought Zach over by Thanksgiving Point to watch fireworks. We had fun with the popers and sparklers. We sure our lucky to have the freedoms we enjoy!