Friday, December 31, 2010

What a Wonderful Week!

This week did not go as planed. On Monday I received a phone call to let me know that a film I was a part of was going to be set back because of weather. I am thrilled for each opportunity I am given and I was crushed to find out that this opportunity would be put off. My sister was disappointed that she would no longer be needed to babysit. Paul was a Fabulous husband and aloud me to be a bit sad and did his best to cheer me up. I decided that I would be best off to use this week to get stuff done. Lucky for me the cold snowy outside made it easy to want to just stay home.

I love taking down from Christmas. It is amazing how much bigger and cleaner the living room looks when all the extra stuff is put away. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy having the cute decorations and things that sparkle all around the house for a month. However, I always look forward to putting it all away.

Our family was blessed with the stomach flu. It didn't last long, but it was really nice to have a couple of days just for our family. I believe just about everyone of Hannah's friends called that day, and the best part was when I had to tell them that she was sick and could not play Hannah didn't get upset. The kids spent the whole day just playing together.

This has been such a wonderful winter break. It has been so nice to have a break from homework. I have loved sleeping in. I think I have woken up around 8:50 almost everyday this week. I even took a little break from working out. Although, my body dose feel so much better after getting up and exercising this morning.

I am so grateful that I got to spend the last week of this year getting things more organized around my house. I feel like I have gotten things done and that is a good feeling. The challenge when it comes to organization, house cleaning, and trying to stay fit. None of these things last. They are all things that have to been done over and over again. What I know is that if you do a little at a time; put things away when your are done with them, clean the bathrooms and vacuum weekly, exercise and eat better foods it is so much easier to keep up with everything. It is when life gets too busy and we don't make time to simply keep up with life we no longer get to enjoy it. My Goal for this new year is to keep life simple. I have heard countless talks from leaders of the church trying to remind me that life needs to be simple. It is good to have some down time. The first thing for me to learn is that it is OK if I don't have a long list of things to do each day, but to make sure that I don't idle the time that I have away.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Think and Speak or Speak and Think?

Think and Speak or Speak and Think? I believe one or the other comes more natural to each of us. Paul is the type of person that more often thinks and then speaks. I more often speak and then think. Both have good and bad that comes with them. People that speak before thinking usually say exactly how they feel, but sometimes it does not come out very nice. People that think first probably talk less, and don't share what is on their mind as easily. This is all just my opinion. You can agree or disagree. But I had a moment today that I realized that I should think about what I say just a little bit more.

In a conversation with a friend yesterday I was describing an individual. I used the term "White Trash" to explain them. I have heard and used this term many times and never really thought much about it. If you are wondering if I was talking about you, the answer is NO.

This morning my mind was just wondering as I was getting ready, and the thought came to me, "You should NEVER describe someone as TRASH." I thought for a moment what trash is to me. Things that are waste, something broken, something no good, something I no longer want to keep. People are NOT TRASH. They may be rough, have a hard life, and even look run down, but that does not make them trash.

I realized today that it is important to stop and think about things that we say. Sometimes when we say things just playing around those are the moments we hurt someone. I recall being told often that I am mean or rude. I have the personality that when told something like that my first reaction is to say I will show you have not seen anything yet. If you think I am mean just wait, and honestly I am a NICE pearson. It is easy to rude and selfIt only depends on what you are focusing on when you speak with you. My very favorite saying I learned from a sociology class is, "I am what I think you think that I am". I can not remember what famous sociologist termed this, but it is so true. We influence what others think about them selves. For good or for bad. What we say to our children and are neighbors is equally important. This doesn't stop after you turn a certain age. We continue to make in impact on others our entire life.

Think and then speak or speak and then think. No matter what we do I realized that I need to more often take a little time and think about what I am saying about others. I believe it does make a difference.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Dave Ramsey

I have to put a little shout out there for Dave Ramsey. I myself have never actually met or talked to the man myself, but I am grateful for the time that he takes to educate people about their fiances. I've heard that he doesn't teach anything that your grandparents wouldn't tell you to do. It is just the basics, but some of us didn't grow up learning the basics. It is about three years shy of when we started our Total Money Make Over and every time we make a smart decision that keep us moving forward it makes you feel so good.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Short Film

This is kind of fun. I hope this link works. I had the opportunity to play the role of Mother in this short film called "Hugs and Kisses". It is really fun to see the finished product.

Real Life!

Sometimes I have this idea in my mind of what life should be. As a teenager I imagined my life. I was married to a wonderful man with beautiful kids. I thought I would marry a Mexican, so in my mind my kids had dark brown eyes and tan skin. In real life I did marry a wonderful man, and although my kids are not bronzed they are beautiful.

As an adult I have this idea in my mind that I should have a beautiful clean home with kids that say please and thank you and play nicely with each other all the time. In real life I have a very nice home that has clean toilets for about a minute and clean laundry for maybe five minutes. My children love to tease each other just to see how the other will react, and would choose to go play with a friend over being home playing with their siblings.

As I began to get very frustrated yesterday with my life I began to realize that the problem is not with my life. The problem is with my expectation of my life. My life is just like everyone else. My kids sometimes fight and disobey, but other times they are so fun to watch as they play together and surprise me when they do what I ask the first time I ask them. Yes, my house is not perfectly clean, but we live here and play here, and are learning how to function as a family.

What we imagine our life to be is not always reality, but those ideas that we place in our minds gets us closer to what we desire. I will continue to want children that always obey and a home that is meticulously clean. If I stop hoping for those things I will lose my desire to discipline my kids and continue the every day clean up around the house. However, I realize how important it is to not get so caught up in this idea of what life should be and realize that this is REAL LIFE I am living, and for the most part it is REAL GOOD.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving a time to be Grateful

What a wonderful time of year. I am very grateful for my life. Growing up in a large family and often having less than others has allowed me the opportunity as an adult to truly see the blessings in my life. I realize that because of my upbringing I am a more frugal individual. I recognize the efforts my parents made to give me opportunities and try to do the same for my children. I am grateful for the chance to learn about myself my shortcomings and also my strengths. A man that was a home teacher for my family growing up was killed in a car accident on Thanksgiving day. His 18 year old daughter was also killed. The mother and son was hurt badly and another daughter had less serious injuries. When I hear about illnesses, injuries, and death I am reminded just how quickly life can change. I can not help but reflect on my life and how difficult it would be to go through something like this. It helps me remember how important it is to tell my husband and children that I love them and more importantly show them that I love them. Our actions speak much louder than our words. I am grateful for this time of year and the chance I have to live and enjoy life. I am grateful for the chance I had to make a cherry pie. It was good, but it could have been better. I learned that I should have cooked it just a little bit longer. I look forward to making another pie and building on what I learned from this experience.
I am grateful for homemade egg noodles. This is one of my favorite Thanksgivings traditions in my family. There are not too many of my siblings that like them, but the tradition will live on through me. It was fun to work with Paul to make them, and I was very happy with how they turned out this year. It is a little tricky to improve on your cooking skills with things that you only make once a year, but they turned out great this year!
The kids loved their Aunt Jenny's jello. I think Connor only had a roll and jello, but I figure it is Thanksgiving a day to eat what makes you happy.
I am so grateful to have people in my life that I can be silly with.

Monday, November 22, 2010

One True Church?

At church Hannah's class talked but our church being the one true church. Hannah came home and had a very good question. She told me what she had been taught and was very worried about her Grandma Pam and Grandma Lois not going to the true church. I asked her if she knew what church they went to. I had the wonderful opportunity to talk to her. If we only had one building how we would we all fit. Just because our Grandmas do not attend our church building they go to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This church is the only church that has the priesthood. We talked about how it might be confusing if we had more than one prophet. It gave me the opportunity to talk about other churches and explain that they all teach good things, but The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the only church run by a living prophet directed by Lord. This was one of those days that I can say, This is why we attend our church meetings each week. My children have the chance to go to class and have discussions. This allows them to begin to question things they are being taught, and I can not say how happy I was to be able to try to explain things to my daughter. What a wonderful opportunity to be a parent.

This was a drawing Connor made at church. It is Christ coming out of the Heavens surrounded by Angles.

What to do with SNOW?

Sunday morning we all awake to the ground covered with the fluffy white stuff, SNOW! I am not a lover of snow, but I am so happy to have a husband the realizes the joy that playing in the snow brings to kids. Paul got everyone bundled up and out making a snowman. I got the cameras and went to work documenting the fun. Once the snowman was complete Paul stepped back inside, and returned outside with snow cone cups and syrup. I gave him that look "Is this a good idea?" He quickly replied, "We will use clean snow. Everyone should have a snow cone made with real snow." Dad was the BEST today!

I helped out by making hot chocolate. I figured after being out playing in the snow and eating snow cones everyone would need something to warm up with.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Connor got this silly knife from the dollar store. It did not come like this. It only lasted a few days and then broke. Paul being funny held it up to his head like he had been stabbed through the brain, and without thinking I said "Connor I can try to make it like that if you would like. All we need to get is a headband." The very next day when Connor got home from school he asked me if I had gotten the headband. Well, I had forgotten about the little project just as quickly as I had told him about it. The following day I happen to be at the dollar store again. I purchased a headband and made my boy a new toy out of his old toy. We all now if you spend your money on toys at the dollar store they are NOT going to last for very long, but one thing I can say I will never stop loving that feeling you get when your kids think you did something SO GREAT just for them!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Looking back over the last 10 years

20 years old. I had the wonderful opportunity to be crowned Miss West ValleyWhile 2o years old I agreed to take on a new name of Ashby

While 21 I took on the name of Mother.

22 years old. I graduated with an associate degree
23 years old. I became a mother to a son.
24 years old. I took my first trip to Disneyland.
25 years old. I had the privilege of having another beautiful girl.
My little potato girl, born while living in Idaho.
26 years old. I had the opportunity to be with family back in Utah. Paul and I learned new skills while moving into our home. After only a short three months of living in our new home I was called to serve as Relief Society President.
27 years old. I got involved in the Lehi Art Center Community Theater. With the production of Oklahoma. I loved that Hannah got to be in the show also.

While 27 I got to with my husband to Hawaii while he attended a conference for work.

28 years old. I began teaching gymnastics.

At 28 I was in Once On This Island with the Lehi Art Center
29 years Old. I got to go with my kids and Paul's parents to Disneyland.
I learned a little bit of tap dancing while being involved in the production of Singing In The Rain.
I have been so excited the last few months as I have had the opportunity to get involved in film.

I can honestly say that I have never been more excited for a new year. As I look back at the last 10 years of my life. One thing that is certain is that I have been very blessed. I am blessed to have a very hard working husband. Who also is very supportive. I have been given three wonderful children. I have been blessed with health. As I looked over pictures it is crazy the many different shapes and sizes my body has been over the last 10 years. It will never be what it was, but thanks to the insanity program my pants are fitting, and that would put a smile on any girls face.

I know if I continue to work hard and most importantly make an effort to follow promptings from the spirit. The next year, five years, or even 10 years will be just as good as the last ten!

Monday, November 1, 2010


October, a month full of Costumes, Candy and FUN FUN FUN! I decided that it is very easy to tell when my life gets a bit too busy. I have no time to post anything on my blog. November has begun and life has slowed down a little. Our family had a very busy October, but I think for the most part we all really enjoyed it. I believe some of the best activities for the kids were dressing up for the school parade and again the next day for Halloween. The kids were also very lucky to be involved in the children's musical "The Jungle Book" at the Lehi Art Center

Hannah was a red Fairy
Connor was a Bakugan Master

Bonnie was a CAT
I was very pleased to be asked to help out with the choreography. It has been so much fun for me to have the chance to have my kids be involved in things that I love. Connor got to play the part of a monkey.

He also got to part of the snake. Connor had so much fun learning the songs for this musical.

Hannah got to be and elephant. I had the opportunity to improve on my sewing skills. I ended up making six of these elephant heads. I can not express how happy I was to have them all done.

Hannah was also very pleased to get the part of Shanti.

Being involved in the play made October a bit more busy, but I know it gave the kids a memory that they will never forget. They will probably not remember what their jack-o-lantern looked like, but they will remember preforming Jungle Book.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Egg Drop

At our Elementary school they do an egg drop in third grade. The kids can use any method they want to try to protect their egg from cracking being dropped off the roof of the school building. The principle gets to do the honor of dropping each kids carefully protected egg off the roof.

Hannah worked with her Dad to come up with an idea of how to best protect her egg from being cracked. Actually I mentioned the project to Paul, and that I thought this was probably something he would enjoy working with Hannah on. He quickly stated his idea and was off looking around the house to get all the supplies he needed to prove to me that it would work. When he told me the idea I had a bit of doubts that the egg would not hold up.
Hannah's teacher works very hard to make sure that the kids are listening and doing what they are suppose to be doing.
I was very sad that I didn't take a picture when they dropped her egg, but here is Hannah retrieving her well packaged egg. I think she was pleased that it survived the drop.

If you can not tell very well the egg is placed between three balloons, and the balloons are held together by tape. Paul put one together the week prior to the egg drop to show me that it would work. He took it outside and simply tossed it in the air. The kids thought it was to much fun to each take a turn and through it around. It held up really well until Connor through it and it landed in the grass the balloons popped, but the egg still held together. At that point I told Paul, "well, I guess this should work as long as the surface it is landing on is not grass."

I guess the kids were suppose to learn about disappointment, but lets be honest we all know that life is so much nicer when you don't have to be disappointed. I am sure that Hannah will have plenty of opportunities in life to learn about disappointment. I was pleased to see a smile on her face and a proud Dad who helped make that possible.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I had really considered doing the square foot gardening this year. I am one of those individuals that really does NOT care much for gardening. I am sure I have mentioned this before. I don't care that much about food. I realize that my body needs to eat, but I have NO problem with slim fast or drinking a whey protein shake. It is fast and NO clean up. I do try to be healthy. I make sure to take vitamins. Simply because I am sure my body is in need of more nutrients that what I probably give it. I would not say that I am an unhealthy eater, but food is NOT a priority in my life. I am pretty lucky to have married someone that likes good food, but again it is not a priority. So, when we decided to put our house up for sale. There was NO way I was going to invest my money and time into a garden. However, I thought it would be fun to try to grow something, so I decided to grow some flowers. I gave them extra attention. To make sure they got the water they needed. My kids were very excited to see little buds finally growing. With the direction of our house. Our flowers come out latter than the flowers on the opposite side of the street. For a lot of the summer. We had a very pretty green flower bed. We were all very happy to finally have flowers. I worried about my flowers during the crazy wind and rain storm, but they survived. I realized that the flowers I started outside seamed to be stronger and grow straighter than the flowers that I started inside and then planted outside. I feel like a learned a little and more than anything I feel like I accomplished something. Best of all. It didn't cost me very much, so it was a good way for me to get started growing something.

Looking at my flowers it often reminds me of my Grandma Bonnie. When she would visit my family she enjoyed driving around Salt Lake looking at all the flowers around people's homes. I can not say that I will ever be some lover of gardening, But I did enjoy having flowers outside our house. Who knows maybe one of these years we just might enjoy a vegetable garden to along with our flowers.

One Crazy BUG!

The kids are busy learning another play. They are in the Jungle Book. They have been having such a fun time learning the songs and their parts for this production. One day this last week as we came out of play practice we had a big bug on our windshield. We needed to stop at the store, so I told the kids "Hey, lets see if this bug wants a ride." As we started driving it walked up to the top of the car. At this point we all decided that we would look and see if it was still on the top when we arrived at Walmart. This is a short maybe two minute drive going about 40 mph. When we arrived sure enough the bug was still on top of the car. We only had a couple things to pick up, so we were not very long in the store and sure enough the bug was waiting for us. We drove over to Costco. I quickly little drive across the street probably only like 34 mph. When we arrived at Costco he was still their. Our stay at Costco was a bit longer. Paul decided to meet up with us and get pizza for dinner, but when we went back out that crazy little bug was still waiting for us. I wasn't sure if the bug would make it home, but again I talked with the kids. "Let's see if this bug wants a ride to our house. The drive is probably about a 10 minutes drive going around 70 mph. I will be honest I always go over 65, but I try to keep my speed no faster than 75. When we got home that CRAZY bug was still on top of the car. I guess he just needed to do something a little different today.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Stickng with Insanity.

I am very happy to have finally made it through four weeks of the insanity program. My knees are hanging in there. I am very sure this is not the best program for anyone with bad knees, but I also must say that I am very happy with the results I am getting. My body is getting tighter and my pants are getting looser. I have been working out for a month and half. It feels good to finally be able to watch a movie and not think man I should really be exercising. It is surprising how many movies they have some scene of someone out jogging. It has been so much easier to avoid sweets, and I am sleeping better. More than anything it is becoming more of a routine. This upcoming week is the recover week. I did the workout this morning and was not too excited. You do the same workout all week long and there is one part that I am all ready so NOT looking forward to. I honestly wasn't sure if my legs were going to work the rest of the day. I have been fine, but usually you really feel it the next day. Just thinking about it I really have not been to sore besides the very first week.

I am pleased that I can finally start to feel a difference it makes it easier to keep it up. During the first couple weeks it is a lot of work and the results are so minimal. I had to keep reminding myself that it took more than two weeks to put on the extra weight it is going to take more than two weeks to take it off. Life is good if the only INSANE thing in your life is your workout!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Just a little different

I have survived one week of the workout Insanity. I can honestly say that I don't believe that I have ever been so sweaty after a workout. The eating has gone well. I still plan on eatting like doing "Body for Life" I need to be able to have at least one day a week that I can eat whatever I want. I am a lot more aware of what I am eating even on my off days. One thing I did finally try was to make scrambbled eggs with just the egg whites. They look a little different, but once I got past the look of the eggs they tasted the same. I have been surprised that it has been easier at times to not eat sweets, but the one thing I really want is ice cream. I guess that must be my Muir blood running through my body.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to school

It is hard to believe that summer is over and the kids are back to school. I will be honest. I am one of those Mom's that loves to have my kids around, but is very pleased to send them off to school. The house stays cleaner and I don't have to play the role of referee. Bonnie has struggled a little. The first day the kids were gone she told me, "Mom I want to play with my brother or my sister or a friend. I can not play with my Brother or Sister, so I will have to play with a friend. I guess I will be setting up some play dates so one little girl isn't so lonely.

Hannah LOVES school. She would have been happy to go back a few weeks before she had. too. She likes her teacher and is discovering that she knows more of the kids in her class than she thought she did. Hannah's example has rubbed off on Connor. He was really excited to go to school this year. However, I was not surprised that he was done after day one. He thougth is was pretty cool to get to pack a lunch for school and then was excited for a chance to eat schoool lunch. I only let them eat on pizza day because I think they will actually eat the food. The idea of my money being thrown in the trash is very hard for me.
Bonnie has one more year at home with MOM. I hope we can find some fun activities to do together and strengthen our Mother Daughter bond. More than anything I hope we don't drive each other CRAZY!

I love my kids. It is fun to watch them growing up, and I look forward to hearing about their many adventures they have ahead of them this year.