Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I NEED something new

I thought about buying a new shirt, but then I thought it might be more fun to really change things up. SO... We decided to put our house up for SALE. I don't know that we will be moving any time soon, but who knows!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I am sure that we are much like any other couples. When we got married we needed a bed. We spent $200 on a queen mattress and box spring ready to start are life together sleeping side by side. No longer spending those long hours out in the cold saying good by to one another. We could snuggle up together in our new bed. I am not sure how long we have been complaining about our bed. How much our backs hurt as we pull our selves out of bed each morning. Probably half way into our marriage Paul's parents gave us this nice 1 1/2 inch memory pad. I must say it is thanks to them that we have been able to use this mattress for as long as we have. It gave us time to save up money and finally decide that if we are willing to spend money on a week family vacation we should certainly prioritize and be willing to spend money on a mattress. After all we use it every day, besides that week vacationing and a few nights camping.
Only time will tell if having a better mattress makes any difference at all.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I had a lot of fun yesterday taking some time to play around on photo shop. I can not get enough of looking at my kids. I love having photos of them, a moment in time frozen for ever. My fun Connor boy finally got his six year old pictures done. He was a good sport. I took him out a week or so ago. We spent an hour out taking pictures to come home and discover that I had not put the memory card into the camera. He was willing to go out and try again. I guess I am lucky to have lots of practice taking pictures of my kids. Maybe one day I'll have the opportunity to torture some other family. I tried a few different things with photo shop. It was lots of fun to get the book out and learn some fun effects. I am a beginner, but I love it.

A GOOD digital camera and photo shop. Does life get any better than that!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Singin' In The Rain Pictures

So MANY memories. It is so much fun to take a bunch of strangers put them together with a common goal and watch them become Friends. I was so lucky to part of such a wonderful show with a great cast. I can NOT thank my friends and family enough for coming out supporting me. It is so wonderful to see a familiar smile and most of all simply to feel loved. THANK YOU!

We got to meet Don Lockwood!

Kim and I!
Christina and I
All I DO

Beautiful Girl

My night as one of the STARS!
Cast 2010

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


My favorite thing about any holiday is having a reason to take pictures of my family. I love to dress them up and get them in front of the camera. I think the most common words out of my mouth is "Why do I even bother!". It can be very frustrating to get everyone to look at the camera and smile at the same time. Ex specially when we are using the timer, but more often than not we get something that I am happy with.
I was sad to discover that Easter was on General Conference weekend I love to make dresses for my girls, but I do not love to wear a dress if I do not have to. Lucky for me I have a crafty friend that had made these cute sun dresses for her girls and I decided it would be something that I could get done for the Sunday before. Too bad I am not the type of person that really plans ahead. I get an idea and make my self and family a little crazy, but always for a good cause. I tried to be practical this year. I did not make my kids get up and get dressed with their hair curled this year. Like I said I am all about the pictures. The kids had fun finding eggs and getting candy!At Grandma Pam's house we participated in egg decorating
Hannah made a cute little pigConnor made an alligator I was really pleased with how cute Connor's alligator turned out. He had some help!Bonnie had fun dying her eggsI did make the kids take pictures before going off to Grandma's. The sooner you put a smile on your face the sooner we go! The family picture is always a little tricky, but how I love seeing us all together!