Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What do you think?

I never know for sure if these links will work or not. Hopefully it will. I have had a great time playing the part of Natasha. When I was given the name of my part I was pretty excited. What a fun SEXY name. One of the funnest parts about acting in the chance to play the role of all kinds of people and really try for a moment to be someone else.

Don't get me wrong for the most part I really like my life, but it kind of takes you back to being a kid. Young kids act out all the time. It is fun to get to pretend.

This project is a featured film, but this is just a trailer that has been put together. I would love to hear what you think both good and bad. More than anything the question is after watching the trailer would you watch the movie? Tell me what you think.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Automatic Garage Door

There are many little things that we have that we really think nothing of, until all of a sudden they are no longer working. A piece of our Garage door opener broke. This little piece called a trolley completely broke in two. The days of pushing a button and the door coming open or shutting no longer existed at our home. We had to get out in the cold and pull the door open and then get back into the car drive into the garage and then walk back over to the garage and pull it down to close it.

Honestly our garage door opener was one thing that I have never loved about this house. I have complained often about how loud it is, but when it stopped working I missed that noise through out the house that told us that Paul had made it home from work safe. I can say that I was a bit happy when we had the Garage Door Man come and look at it, and he mentioned that the part would have to be ordered in and it might be in are better interest to replace it. Paul had looked up what we had on line and learned that it was a pretty cheap system. It was an easy choice to have it replaced.

Yesterday the Garage Door Man came back with in a couple of hours he had are garage opening and closing with a push of a button again! We were delighted to also get a little pad on the outside of the house. Our house in Idaho had this little novelty and we have talked about putting one in since we moved into the house almost 4 years ago. The kids were all thrilled about this fun new way to get into the house.

I think the best part about the garage breaking besides the fact that the system is so much quieter. Is simply having a greater appreciation for the little things around the house that make my life so much more comfortable.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Card 2010

I was very excited to use photo shop to create our very own original Christmas card this year. We sent them out to family and friends, but I thought it might be fun to share it with those friends that live closer and didn't get a card from us. Paul read some where that the number of Christmas cards sent out this year were fewer from years past. They talked about how this may be due to face book and blogging. I guess it is nice that people keep in touch more than before simply because it is easy, but I don't think any thing is more fun than going to your mail box and pulling out a letter or card from family or friends. It is fun to have something tangible to hold on to and see and read how a family is doing. I know some people view that letters as brag letters, but I think it is wonderful to sit and think about all the good things that took place over the year. Taking time to show gratitude for they blessings that you have received. Our family had a very nice Christmas and I am very much looking forward to this new year, and what might be in store for our family both good and bad. We are currently dealing with things breaking around the house. Good thing we got a lower interest rate on our house, so that the extra money can go to repairs. I guess that is just the way things go. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Bring on the Good and the Bad we are ready for whatever experiences will come our way. In hopes that we can enjoy the good and learn from the bad!

Happy Birthday Paul!

Today is Paul's Birthday. He is now the nice age of 32!
Paul is one of those guys that you would describe as amazing. I remember when we were dating and the thought crossing my mind that I would be crazy to let some other girl have this guy. It has been almost 10 years, and I still feel just as lucky to have him as mine! I have had other people comment that I have trained him well. I can not take any credit for the kind of Man Paul is. He is helpful and caring. He has always tried very hard to see other peoples point of view. I am often letting people know that he IS NOT PERFECT! Simply because at times he comes pretty close. I am so lucky to have him in my life. He is a wonderful Dad and GREAT husband. I am very lucky to have him in my life.