Thursday, May 27, 2010

Connor's Kindergarten Graduation

Connor entered Kindergarten and turned into a HAM! He likes to tease and really is just a fun playful spirit. It makes me smile to see him happy. As a parent you learn to really appreciate teachers. The fact that they show up willing to make an effort to teach 30 kids is a big challenge. I always hope that my kid is one of the children that is learning and not being the child that is making it difficult for others to learn.

Connor's Kindergarten Class

Connor had a great time making new friends and playing with friends he all ready had.

It was really nice that his Grandma Lois was able to take the day off work, and come support Connor.

We are so lucky to have such a smart fun little boy!

This picture was a little tricky to get. I asked Connor to jump off the stair, but he would not do a BIG jump. Come to find out I was having him break the rule. His teacher came over and told me that they had been instructed all year to only sit on the stairs (NEVER jump). I guess I can be happy that he learned to follow the rules. I guess in real life we discover that we kind of pick and choose when it is a good time not to follow the rules.

Dance Festival

Lucky for all of us it was a beautiful sunny day.
Hannah got to dance to We're All In This Together from High School musical. She had a really good time learning and practicing this dance.

It was a little difficult to see her at times. When she is with other kids here age we realize a bit more just how small she is.

Connor got to dance t0 Splish Splash I Was Taken a Bath. Maybe it is just called Splish Splash.
He had a great time.

Connor has really grown to love an audience.
This is going to be good. Here he is getting all stretched out and ready to go.

May (Last week of school)

It is hard to believe that the last week of school is finally here, but it is even more crazy that when we woke up on Monday morning this is what it looked like outside.

Have a Great day at school.
Maybe next week we will get to enjoy SUMMER!

Monday, May 24, 2010


I didn't get a chance to write down my feelings on Mother's, not too long ago. One things that was mentioned on Mother's day was showing love to our Mother's everyday. I had a wonderful opportunity to go and support my Mother yesterday as she taught a lesson in her Relief Society. I was greatful for the chance to learn from her. I know that standing infront of a group of ladies teaching the lesson really takes my Mom out of her element. She is much more comfortable teaching children. No wonder she had sixteen of her own. She has truely dedicated her life to children. Without question this choice brings her many challenges, and these challenges do not go without affecting those children. But I know that her desicion to have so many children was out of love. My Mother is a wonderful example to me. A few things I have learned from my Mom.

I wanted to be a Mom because of my Mother. I learned how to hold and take care of babies as I watched my Mom. My Mom made it look so easy. I only learned after having my first baby that she too had to learn the skills of taking care of a new baby. Beacuse of the things she has learned in her life she has given me someone to go to and ask question. What do I do when... My youngest brother is a little less than a year younger than my oldest child. Because of this my Mother had not forgotten the challenges of raising young children. She could understand my frustartions and concerns as I raised my little ones for she too was still doing the same tasks.

My Mother is a wonderful example of compasion. She will give to others even when she has very little herself. She gives of her time, her money, and her love. She desires to help her children be happy no matter the age. I know it was probalby easier to be able to kiss the owie away when we were small. As her children have gotten older the owies are much more difficult to kiss away, but she does her best to love and teach.

This last year my parents divored. I was told in a family realtions class in school that divorce gives people all the opposite feelings that marrige brings. In marriage you are told "out of all the poeple in the world you are the only one I want to be with." However, in divorce the opposite takes place "out of all the people in the world you are the only person I do not want to be with." It has been difficult to know how to support my parnets. I love them both and appreciate all that they have done and given me. My Mother has done her very best to take care of her children that still live with her. She has stepped up and done everything in her power to provide for them and be able to be there for them.

Life has changed a lot for my siblings. We each have such different personlities and we have each had such different experiences. One thing that we do all have in common is a Mother. A Mother who continues to do her very best to take take care of her children.

Monday, May 17, 2010


We have had a lot of fun having Bonnie and Connor participate in T-ball. I have not yet got Connor's page together, so this will give me a chance to focus on Bonnie right now. This has been so good for Bonnie. It has really taken her out of her element. She had a hard time on day one. The sun was in her eyes and she was suppose to smile and be happy for pictures. That was a hard thing, and on top of that she was asked to hold a boy bat for the picture. She did NOT want anything to do with a boy thing. She was lucky to have a good friend that let her use her mitt. Bonnie has had a great time learning a new sport, and having fun with her neighborhood friends.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Connor's kindergarten project

In kindergarten the kids are give an assignment to research and animal and make a shadow box for that animal. Connor and I took a little trip to our local dollar store to find a animal. I wanted to keep this project as simple as possible. We did not have very much to choose from, but we left with a cute little penguin. Lucky for me a penguin's home is simple. Connor wanted to make a "crack", so we tried to make it look like it was stuck on a piece of ice. We had a good time learning and working together.It was fun to go into Connor class. He did a great job sharing about his animal, and it was fun to see what the other kids had made.

You may have noticed Connor's cute little nose. He got this nice scratch at school. I guess he fell at recess. You never know how your kid will return to you once you send them out into the world! We have almost survived kindergarten!