Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Oh, how the weeks fly by. I knew that Christmas would come faster than I wanted it to. My favorite part of holidays is the preparation. I enjoy the decorations, the cooking, and the fun activities. At times I pack too much into one week or sometimes into one day, but I love it when the day is over and you can think about all the things you were able to get done in one day. I find that when life is busy I am able to accomplish so much more simply because I have to use every minute to get things done. I was delighted yesterday when I added the last bow to the last Christmas present. I will be a little more delighted when my house is clean. This month has been very busy.

I singed Hannah and Bonnie up for swim lessons. I really didn't think about how busy that would make our evenings but it was worth it. I loved siting down for 30 minutes and watch my girls turn into little fish. They both are becoming such great swimmers. After seeing the classes Connor decided that it is something he wants to try so he will have a turn soon too.

I love this time of year and the chance it gives me to really think about how blessed I am. At times I do the opposite and realize how unfair life is. Being raised in a large family one thing my mother always did her very best was to make life as fair as possible. As I have grown up I still expect life to be fair, but that simply isn't how things work. Sometimes life is hard, sometimes people that you love get hurt, and sometimes things simply don't go your way. But this is life, and as we go through life the hard things are usually the things that teach us the most.

Blessing in MY life...
Parents who love and want the best for me
Great in-laws
A WONDERFUL husband with rock solid pecks!
Three beautiful healthy children
A warm home
Clean clothes
Food to fill our bellies
Great neighbors (We have received so many fun and tasty treats this year.)
A sister who is my very best friend
Cars to get around with
Great jobs
My rainbow vacuum
A three foot Santa that puts a smile on my face every time I see him
The Gospel
A NEW day to learn something new.

Christmas will be here in just a few days. The presents will opened and decorations put away. I want to hold on to these few days before Christmas. I love the days of anticipation as we look forward to seeing our children with twinkles in their eyes as they open their gifts. I look forward to seeing family, and eating good food. As I try to enjoy the present I look forward to the future. Another year full of wonder,mystery and surely challenges. What a blessing it is to have this time of year simply to reflect and look forward to another year of learning and opportunity.