Thursday, January 29, 2009

Enjoying Life!

The other day the kids wanted waffles for lunch. I was a really nice mom and made them yummy waffles with syrup. Once they were stuffed and sticky I cleaned them up and then sat down to enjoy my lunch. I don't enjoy life like this every day, but it was really tasty!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Starting a gymnastics class for preschoolers!

Pint size tumble and Play
Classes available for kids age 2-4

Classes will be taught by Amannda Ashby: former gymnast.

$5.00 for a 45 min. class
(Paid Monthly)
I'm excited to offer a class for preschool aged kids. As a former gymnast I have a love for FUN exercise. This is a great opportunity for your little one to get out of the house and work on balance, strength and coordination. Two class times will be available: Mon. 10:00 am and Wed. 10:00 am. You can get a good idea of the equipment that I have from earlier posted pictures. Let me know if you have any questions.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I lost my child at church today!

Today was Paul and myself very first day as official nursery leaders. I had prepared the five minute lesson, and I think it went well. Did they learn anything. I don't really know, but for the most part they were quite. As we moved from room to room the kids as a whole really did well. We only had a couple that really had break downs today. The two hours were up and most of the kids had been picked up when we remembered that we had our own children that needed picked up from their classes in order to allow their teachers to go home. I got Connor from his class, and Paul said that Hannah would come to the nursery. Well, she never showed up. We then began to walk around the church in search of our daughter. I was beginning to worry. Where in the world could she have gone. When all of a sudden I remembered. Hannah hadn't come to church with us. She stayed the night at her Grandma's house. Knowing that she was safe we processed home.

Lucky for us we never really lost Hannah she was gone all along.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Connor's growing Alligator

So, Connor got this alligator for Christmas. It said on the package that it can grow 600 times it size. I enjoy seeing if things really work, so we put Connor little pet into water to swim around for a week, and sure enough it grew!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

To Potty trian or NOT to Potty trian that is the Question!

One of a Mothers dreaded deeds. Potty training. I have heard all kinds of stories of how easy "my child was to potty train". Well, I have two children currently potty trained one girl and one boy and they were both challenging. So, now the time is getting closer that I need to consider pushing my little one maybe a little harder in the direction of using the potty. She will be three soon and it is not uncommon to feel a little guilty to have a big girl still wearing a diaper. But what I can say is that I understand why Mother's choose to just Wait and keep their "Big kid" in a diaper.

Potty training is suppose to make you free. Free from the extra expense of diapers. But have you ever been in Walmart with three kids when all of a sudden one of them needs to go to the bathroom, NOW! So, you hurry everyone over to the front of the store find out the bathroom is being cleaned. Now we have to walk all the way to the back of the store gather up all of the coats and diaper bag, and as we enter the restroom I announce everyone needs to try to go to the bathroom because we are NOT going again.

A few days ago my son had used the bathroom, and sat there on the pot crying for probably twenty minutes that someone needed to come and wipe him. The reason he cried for so long was because this task is something he knows how to take care of, so Paul nicely tells him Connor you know how, you need to do it. Connor then cries out "But it is too gross!" Hello, like it isn't disgusting for anyone else to have to take care of that.

It has not been uncommon to find yucky stuff all over the toilet. I would much rather have all that nasty stuff confined into one spot stuck to their cute little bottom. I guess the big problem is that the bottom gets bigger and just isn't as cute any more.

As I write I answer the question for myself. Yes, the time will come that you must potty train. It is simply a part of life. But, it would also be helpful to simply realize that potty training does not end when your child learns the function of simply using the bathroom, but must also learn bathroom etiquette. Use the toilet, clean up after you self, and remember to wash!

And in the end you can be happy that you are saving a bit of money simply because you no longer have to buy diaper and wipes, but make sure to keep those disinfectant wipes close by!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Looking for a Vacuum? That actually WORKS!

Messes Happen!

Have you ever heard of the Rainbow (Vacuum)?

The rainbow is a very well thought out system that will continually simplify house cleaning. A few things it does specifically.

Vacuums: (Never losing suction because of airflow) it has a water basin rather than a bag or filter. The dirt is trapped in the water, so each time you turn your vacuum on you are not having the bacteria built up in your system coming back into the air. You may no know that a bag or filter is clogged in 15 min. of vacuuming. Most of us do not change the bag every fifteen min. This makes it impossible to get the dirt that settles down at the bottom of our carpets. Water is something we all ready have available, so simply changing the water is cost efficient, and allows us to clean more effectively. Because are able to get more dirt from your carpet and furniture than your typical vacuum you no longer have to dust as often. Cutting down on house cleaning all together.

Sweep and Mop: It has a wet hose that allows you to sweep up crumbs and liquid messes. Once the crumbs are up you can mop. The water can then be sucked up allowing the floor to dry within minutes. The wet hose allows you to clean up any wet mess that you would have no desire to touch such as Vomit.

Air purifier, Disinfect, and add fragrances: The system can be used as an air purifier it can take out unwanted smells such as: burnt food, bad Oder's, and paint fumes. It has a disinfectant that you can add to the water, so while you vacuum or have it on to purify your home it can also disinfect. If you like your home to smell good you can add a fragrance to the water.
It comes with attachments to make dusting and cleaning easy, and a special attachment that allows you to blow. You can use it to inflate objects, or blow glitter out of your computer keyboard put there by your beautiful two year old.

Best of all the company has an amazing opportunity that allows you to earn it.
I am getting close to earning my system, and am currently looking for couples that would be interested in seeing a demo to see if this machine is something you would love to have for your family. If not you maybe you have a friend or family member who would be interested.
Let me know!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas 2008

It's hard to believe that is over. But now that it is I really wish the snow would just go AWAY! A white Christmas is wonderful, but now it is just cold and slippery. Life was a little busy during Christmas and right after, but we had lots of fun and I would be so sad not to tell you a little about our Christmas time!We were all very happy that we got some cookies made up for Santa. It wouldn't be tradition with out our peanut butter cookies, milk, and carrots for the reindeer.The kids were excited to receive their traditional pajamas. I was happy that they seamed to fit a little better than the PJ's they got last year!The very best part of all was that we all received presents. I guess we were pretty good, or at least good enough!I was excited to finally get to tell the kids about the gymnastics equipment we got for them.

All three of the kids did a great job balancing on the balance beam.

Hannah had a great time swinging and playing on the bar. She woke up the next morning with very sore armpits. I told her that having sore arms just means that you are getting stronger and she was pretty happy about that!

Christmas Nativity with Grandma and Grandpa Ashby 2008

This is one of the cousin gift exchange presents. I was really excited to be able to figure out how to make these cute little tutus.


Get Together at IHOP

We had lots of fun getting together with old friends. Some times it is nice when parents stay put. A few friends were going to be in West Valley during the holiday, so Paul took it upon himself to plan a little together. We had a wonderful breakfast and great conversation. It is always nice to hear that friends are doing well.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How nicely things work out!

So we had this great idea to try to get some gymnastics equipment for our kids for Christmas, and then this crazy thought came to me how nice it would be to have carpet on the stairs. Well, it just so happened that Paul's parents put in new carpet in their basement and offered the used stuff to us. So, eleven days before Christmas I mentioned to Paul my great idea. With the help of getting tools from a coworker and using a some tools from a neighbor Paul was able to get it done!

Yes, at times I have crazy expectations. However, I am very blessed to have a hard working husband who like to see me happy!

Getting into the Christmas spirit

Hannah and I had a great time being involved in the lehi production of "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever." Hannah was such a cute baby angle, and I enjoyed trying to look like I lived during the 50's.
My very favorite thing about being involved in this production is that it really helped Hannah begin to understand what Christmas is all about. One evening we were talking about how many presents they would be getting this year. "Like maybe One." and Hannah's comment was, "well it doesn't really matter. It's not all about presents. Christmas is suppose to be about Jesus." It is wonderful to be able to do fun things with my kids, and see that they are learning from these experiences too.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Paul!

The kids were So excited for Dad to open his presents! Bonnie kept saying, "Dad do you want your chocolates?" Which at that point Connor started crying, "You are NOT suppose to tell him." I sighed and Paul smiled. I guess if you really want to keep a secret from your husband DON'T tell your kids.

Jan 3rd Paul turned 30!

My top ten Favorite things about Paul!

10. He lets me do crazy things.

9. He doesn't complain about my cooking. Sometimes he even says he likes it!

8. He is really good at playing with the kids. For Christmas he thought it might be nice to get Connor a laser tag thing to play together.

7. He is still skinny at thirty.

6. He is a strong member of the church.

5. He was willing to accept our new calling as nursery leaders.

4. He is very very smart!

3. He works hard for our family.

2. He is really good to help me with keeping the house clean.
1. He LOVES ME!!!

The kids were super excited for Dad to have a birthday. That means that they are closer to having their own Birthday. We keep telling them that Bonnie's birthday is after Dad's and then it will be Connors. It wonderful to have a special day to show an individual how special they are to you!

Friday, January 2, 2009


As a mother it is not uncommon it in vision these super fun family activities. This was my idea of our sledding activity on January 1st. We were invited by my Uncle to go to Solider Hallow. A fun setting were they have special sleds that are pulled up the hill, and then all you have to do is slide down. Well, you might notice that I do not have a single picture of my kids on their sleds. We did make them go, and I was too busy trying to get them to stop crying that I didn't think about the fact that there is probably NO way we will be getting these kids back on. Hannah did have a good time with some of her Aunts and Uncles and went down a few times, and I'm lucky enough to have enough siblings that those that went into the lodge were willing to keep an eye on Connor and Bonnie so that Paul and myself go take a few trips down the slope together. For the most part we stayed warm, and Paul and I had fun together. I have started to wonder if my kids are going to be big enough in a year to really enjoy a trip to Disney Land they are a bit on the scaredy cat side. I guess I should give them a little slack they were not a loud to sit on laps, so they had to be dragged up the hill all by them selves. I guess for a little kid that might be a little scary.

Once we were all done sledding we all headed in the lodge for some hot chocolate. The outing did NOT go as I had hoped, but it was fun and memories were made.