Thursday, June 26, 2008

Trip to Hawaii June 2008

Hilton Hawaiian Village- We had a great view from our room!

We had lots of fun at the beach. I don't know if you ever get used to the taste of the ocean. I'm sure it's just like the pool, You are NOT suppose to drink it, but it always ends up in my mouth. YUK!

Our day out surfing was probably our biggest adventure ever. We ended up bruised and cut up, but we didn't drown and we didn't get eaten by a shark. I don't know that either of us would say that we had a lot of fun, but we sure had a good time talking about how crazy the sport of surfing is. Who in their right mind thinks it is a good idea to paddle out into the ocean with a heavy piece of plastic, and once you get to the spot where there are some rocks, lets see if we can stand up on this piece of plastic. We basically spent two hours lying on our stomachs trying not to get knocked off by the waves. One of many things we learned was that surfing is much harder than it looks, and that we are NOT surfers!

Snorkeling was SO MUCH FUN! When I was a kid we would often play that we were mermaids while we were at the swimming pool. No, I didn't turn into a mermaid, but it was so neat to swim around with the fish. One of my most favorite memories in Hawaii was the second time we went out to go snorkeling. I was consintrating on the bottom of the ocean looking for other peoples lost treasure (I did find a pair of sunglasses), and I came a cross a sea turtle. I was actually totally freaked out when I saw it at first. I swam as fast as I could to catch up to Paul, and told him what I saw. He asked me if it was just some guy swimming. He followed me back and sure enough there was a big turtle just eating off the bottom of the ocean. We both swam down to the bottom to touch its back and once the turtle swam up for air. I don't know that it was the smartest thing to do. We were told after our turtle in counter that they will bite. This may be true, but we didn't have any problems.

These are the sunglasses I found!

I took a fun Leigh class while Paul was "working", and I got to learn the hula.

I spent a lot of time out by the pool and just about every extra time I had I was reading the Twighlite book. It is really fun to read without kids around.

I enjoyed watching the animals that they had on the grounds. I was so excited when we came across the penguins swimming. I had watched them all week long, and they were never swimming.

Pearl Harbor

We figured we couldn't take a trip to Honolulu and not see Pearl Harbor. I am not really a very patient person. I struggle going to the temple and sitting around waiting for our turn is very challenging for me. However, we got the audio tour which made most of the waiting go by very quickly, and brought the experience of Pearl Harbor more to life. For me going to Pearl Harbor made the war in Iraq a little more real. It was good to take some time to reflect on the sacrifices that so many people have made through out the years and even today to allow me to have the freedoms that I enjoy.

Saturday was one of our funniest days in Hawaii because we got to be together the entire day. After seeing Pearl Harbor we drove around the island over to the Temple. We went into the visitor center and enjoyed walking on the beautiful grounds. Everything was just so beautiful. We spent the rest of the afternoon splashing in the waves of the ocean. We had fun chasing the sand crabs into there holes. It was such a wonderful opportunity to go to Hawaii, but after a week I was so ready to be back with my kids.

The flight home was long, and impossible to really get any sleep. I was so excited to see the mountains and know that I was home. The kids had a great time with both of their grandparents. We are lucky to have our parents close enough to be able to take turns keeping our kids. Hannah had spent so much time playing and swimming outside she was as brown as me. I guess that goes to show that you don't have to go far from home to get a good suntan. The kids were excited to get some gifts from Hawaii. Paul was excited to find this special shell you can blow into like a horn, and I was excited to get a new precious moments figurine to remind us of another great year married, and the fun opportunities that come our way every once in a while. It was a bit of a sacrifice to put our total money make over back one month, but we did very good at keeping the trip low budget, and when all was said and done the only thing I would have done differently is: I would have possibly paid the extra $120 for the surfing lessons, but who am I kidding that's a lot of money I'm glad we were cheap. It tends to create greater adventures, and that is what this life is ONE BIG ADVENTURE.

Ward camp out 2008

Ward Camp out

Pilgrim Landing 2nd Ward

Paul took Hannah and Connor to the the ward camp out. I went with Bonnie to my sister's dance recital that night, and came the next morning to enjoy a great breakfast. Hannah loved finding caterpillars and inch warms. She gets that fun bug collecting personality from her father and her Grandma greatly encourages it, which of corse makes me crazy. I guess it keeps the kids busy, and lets me have time to talk. Hannah also had a great time with some of the other girls from the ward. I got the chance to go on a very short hike with my kids and a couple of the girls. It sure is nice to be out doors!

Father's Day 2008

We love our Dad!

The morning was a little crazy because we had to finish getting everything packed and ready for the kids to go to Grandpa and Grandma's house and for the two of us to go to Hawaii. We gave Paul a special breakfast with pancakes and orange juice. Paul picked out his presents this year, but Hannah had made Dad a card and book at school. At least he had one surprise. Bonnie was a bit craby, but she loves her Dad just the same.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm in Hawaii

Sunday, Father's day, Paul and I dropped the kids off with Paul's parents and left for Hawaii! It is beautiful. I could be a great beach bum. Maybe sum day I'll give it a try, but I'm grateful for a nice hotel to stay in. I spent yesterday out by the pool. I started the book twilight, thanks to Heather English. It's been fabulous to have something fun to read while I get a sun burn. My sun burn actually isn't too bad. I put on sun block most of the day. Couple of things I am grateful for: the hot sunshine, a smart husband, and reading group that got me reading just in time for a little trip with Paul. That makes me very grateful for good friends. Paul is ready to eat, and just mentioned that this is not quick. I'm off to get lunch!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Mother of Three

I've never just taken a moment to go off, so here it is. It is just after 10:00 pm yes for me that is late. However, Paul is at the ward camp out with Hannah and Connor. I hope all is well. As for Bonnie and I we attended my sisters dance recital. I packed a few snacks and hoped that Bonnie would make it through the evening. She was so much fun! We arrived around 4:30, and waited seventeen dances to watch my sister. At that point Bonnie and I left with my Dad to get some dinner. I love spending time with my Dad. Specially when I am by myself. He is a very positive person, maybe at times too positive, but he's fun to talk with. If you know anyone that is willing to try anything, not afraid of anyone, and realizes that the very worst thing that could ever happen is maybe someone will tell you NO. Well, that is my DAD! Bonnie had a good time with Grandpa too. I know because once we got back to the dance recital she spent probably half of the time while we were there on his lap.

Ok, so you may be wondering why I titled this Mother of three. Simply because that is what I am almost every day, but tonight I was a mother of one. I'm sure many mothers with more than one child can relate to the fact that when you have that first baby it seems like there is never enough time. How do you make sure that this tiny little thing is taken care of and by the way still take care of yourself. Then the most amazing thing happens you have two children and now not only do you have to take care of a baby, but you become very creative finding ways when you can get in the shower and make sure that the older child is not going to try to push the younger one back under the bed. I have to say that I was shocked when I had my third baby and actually felt like I had all kinds of time to sew and scrapbook. And then there are those special days like today when one of the kids goes over to a friends house or for some reason I only have one child to pack in and out of the car. I realize that I have actually began to concur some of the challenges that come with being a mother. My biggest fear is forgetting all of these things that I have learned in my twenties and by the time my children have children wondering why in the world are they complaining about how hard it is to be a parent? It was a piece of cake. Well, I would like to implant in my brain tonight. Yes, being a parent can be very challenging. The children are forever changing from day to day. What works one day no longer works the next. However, as the children are changing and growing so am I. Not every day it's for the better. Some days are down right bad, but there are a lot more good days than bad. It was a lot of fun this evening being a mother of one, but I am so happy that when I get up tomorrow I'll still be a Mother of Three.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hannah's Kindergarten Graduation

Hannah's kindergarten teacher Mrs. Peck!

Hannah is officially done with kindergarten. She was in Mrs. Peck's pm class. I was a bit unhappy with the fact that Hannah was going to be in afternoon kindergarten. Moving into our home in April caused us to miss the registration and therefor get afternoon. Now that school is over I can honestly say that I loved the afternoon schedule. We had easy going mornings, and quite afternoons. The schedule kept me home, and helped me realize how simple life can be.

It was a little surprising to realize just how small Hannah is. As she made friends with the other kids her age I was sure most of them should be in first or second grade. When most of your family is short you don't feel out of place until you go outside your door. Hannah had a wonderful time making new friends at school. She not only made friends with kids in her class, but kids in other classes and a few in other grades.

Hannah's biggest accomplishment for kindergarten was learning to read. This is something she has wanted to know how to do since she was little. It has been so much fun to watch Hannah pick out books and be able to sit down and read them. Both Connor and Bonnie are spoiled to have there big sister spend time with them reading books.

It sure is fun to watch your little one GROW UP!